as a girl with big boobs i can definitly say that the worse is the almost non existence of bras of your size and you gotta almost go with "get lucky in the store catalogue and hope it fits when it arrives"

Ah that’s sounds tough! ;w; Having big boobs includes extra troubles hhh



slightly-oblivvyous replied to your post:

They’re also like super inconvenient. All those tight fitting anime uniform shirts? Hahaha, nope, they’re either super loose or impossible to button over cleavage.

Those anime shirts are fiction.

Haha, I really feel for my friends with big boobs. Their backs always hurt and they can't run too fast in gym for fear of getting knocked out by them. Poor girls...

Omg ;w;

I would reply to your "boob size" post, but I cannot, so I'm here instead. It's a common misconception that women with big breasts are always happy, but we still hear that they're not the right size and that they're only there because we're "fat".

ahah yeah I do know there’re women who are not happy with having big boobs -w-


I couldn’t sleep this morning since the city decided to re-pave the street

so I finally re-arranged my plushes back onto my desk. There’s no better place for Sollux than hanging him off of the top of the monitor. (Karkat’s still unfinished… he’s only half a cancer)

Sorry to bother you Dormir, but i was curious about a certain aspect of Japanese culture and i was wondering if you could perhaps shed some light on it. Are girls in anyway allowed to wear gakuran as their school uniform? And if not, is there a particular reason or is it simply tradition?

When I was in high school, generally girls were not allowed to wear gakuran just because gakuran is a uniform for (biologically) boys. But I’m not sure, perhaps some school might accept it today.

Ohmygod those monster doodles are amazing! I didn't know you liked Monster Hunter!!

Yes I dooo I started playing mh like 3 years ago xD I’ve given up twice tho lol

I really love your Monster Hunter drawings. Especially your qurupeco, you make him look adorably mischievous. ^u^

Ahh thank you ;w; yeah I love qurupeco even though it annoys me so much while hunting him!

I was gonna draw grubs today but ummmmm I have to go to bed now ;w; hopefully I’ll livestream tomorrow good night

I was gonna draw grubs today but ummmmm I have to go to bed now ;w; hopefully I’ll livestream tomorrow good night